Sunday, February 12, 2006

Puppets and Dolls Station

We have a new station in which we can make hand puppets, sock puppets, or dolls. We are learning how to thread a needle, knot the thread, cut fabric from a pattern, and sew a running stitch.

The student who made this puppet gave him sunglasses, a pair of shorts, and a vest with buttons.

Artist Study

One of the reasons given by the students for making art is to become an artist who makes a living by making art work. We took our discussion of "why make art" one step further and began to study master artists. For several class periods we discussed Picasso. We viewed his abstract art, his realistic art, his ceramics, his cubism, and his one-line drawings. Our younger students even learned a song about Picasso.

We have been learning new techniques at the painting station, such as wet-on-wet, splatter, dry brush, and layering thick paint. All of these techniques led us to a study of the French Impressionist painter, Claude Monet.