Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mixed Media: finger weaving, construction, and paint

K has spent several weeks working on her representation of a bedroom. She did the finger weaving first, then started a construction of a room. She decided to use the finger weaving on the bed. The orange ball is a light fixture. She has painted rugs on the floor and a trash can with a lid.

Bristle Blocks

I purchased the bristle blocks this summer because we were going to start teaching kindergarten this year, but some of my older students have really been creative with them; for example: this space station and robot created by two boys working together.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Working Airboat

Several boys have been working together on a fan-powered boat. One of them brought a small motor to use. It has rudders to give it direction. We tested it in water in the sink this week, and it works!

Stick puppets

Many of our younger students have been making very creative stick puppets. This is S's puppy puppet. It even has a leash!

Collaborative Super Jet, completed

This is the super jet that M & C have been working on for several class periods. You can see a view of it before the color was added in the previous posts. I was very pleased that they could work so well together to make such a personal artistic statement.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

More Stations

These two photos show the many varieties of construction sets and
manipulatives in our "building" station
Painting station, which has watercolors, liquid tempera, and tempera blocks
Word wall and reading station, with many books on master artists


Three-dimensional paper sculpture Our still-life materials for drawing or painting
Collage, puppet, and mask-making station
Our drawing station with a large variety of drawing materials, objects to draw, drawing books, textured rubbing materials, and a picture file
Our weaving station

Some of our parents never have a chance to visit our art room. I thought that they might like to see the set-up of our stations.

Collaborative Super Jet

Who would have thought that making a detailed jet plane could be a collaborative project?! Only two very creative students! Posted by Picasa

Kindergarten Masks

These kindergarten students enjoyed making paper masks with different personalities. Posted by Picasa

Castle Complex

These boys created quite an elaborate castle complex with moats and bridges, using extra shapes from wooden die cuts. Posted by Picasa

Giant Hand

I don't know the significance of the giant hand, but just think of the possibilities! And check out the blue shadow! Posted by Picasa

Shapes Collage

First grade students have been using pre-cut shapes to form collages. The first student made a girl and her dog. The second one made a mouse, then made a handle to carry the picture. The third student made spiders with clever expressions.