Sunday, April 15, 2007

5th grade art work in the art show

Jorddeah's paper mache' mask

Adelaide's oil pastel dog.
Briana's Indian.

2nd grade collaborative mural - War of the Worlds

Jack, Cole, and Isaac started a collaborative drawing about a space battle one day near the beginning of the year. They were so excited about the way that it was turning out, that they asked if they could add another piece of paper. Every day for a couple of months, they would come in, get another sheet of paper, tape it on, and continue the battle, until they ended up with 24 sheets! They would have started with our big mural paper if they had known how fast their ideas would flow. Every class period, I would only see the tops of their heads as they were bent over their work and drawing excitedly.

4th grade art in the art show

Mason and Aaron made a "stretchy maze."
Jacob and Alex made a colorful non-objective.
Saketh worked for days on his haunted house.
Joseph, Hunter, and friends worked on their collaborative work about good and evil.
Annalise made her church out of clay.

3rd grade art in the art show

Emily's Pollock-style splatter painting
Kimmie's oil pastel drawing of a jewelry counter
Dylan's painting
Brandom's drawing of race cars

2nd grade art work in the art show

Murtaza's dinosaur
Lexi and Brianna's collaborative painting
Anah's white charcoal pencil drawing

Jacob's football player

First grade art work in the school art show

Tallon's rocket ship
Casey's men fighting mammoths
Ashad's space battle
Isaac's army helicopters with birds
Payton's race cars

Slideshow of some of the art from the show

Copy and paste this address to view many of the pieces of art from the spring show.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring All-School Arts Festival, 2007

These are kindergarten artworks from our recent spring all-school art show in which we had over 600 pieces of artwork displayed.

1)Kiana's collage castle for her grandparents, in which she started with a paper bag. 2)Susie's painting done with 3 colors of paint in spray bottles, torn-paper shapes, and a paintbrush. 3)Sydney's mixed-media collage, which she started with a painting using spray bottles and a brush, then added specialty papers and ribbons. 4)Latiana's painting of a dinosaur.