Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Building station

We have a new mini-station. It is a building station-in-a-crate that is equipped with a set of legos, plastic shapes that connect, connecting flexible straws, a junior architect magnetic set, magnetix (magnetic rods and balls), zoobs (plastic pieces that connect and can be movable), rivitons (a set made in the '70's that connects with rubber rivets and can be used to make vehicles), and rig-a-jig (another set from the 70's that has plastic pieces which connect with hard plastic straws). We also have a large box of pieces of wood. When the students use all of these sets, they are using the same skills of building with form that artists use to design sculptures and architects use to design buildings. The students are developing the knowledge of form, function, materials, tools, and structure. They are developing skills such as problem-solving, investigating, choosing, designing, and testing. They work with the concepts of balance, stability, cause and effect, comparison, and scale. They improve their attitudes of cooperation, concentration, and motivation. This is a popular new station.

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