Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oklahoma P.A.S.S. objectives

These are the Priority Academic Student Skills for Art for grade three in Oklahoma. They vary slightly for grades above and below this grade level in age appropriate requirements.

Standard 1: Language of Visual Art - The student will identify visual art terms (e.g., collage, design, original, portrait, paint, subject).

These and other terms are used in five-minute demos at the beginning of each class. We have two word walls with pertinent vocabulary words and material terms, as well as color, shape, form, and texture words The use of these words is pointed out frequently.

Standard 2: Visual Art History and Culture - The student will recognize the development of visual art from an historical and cultural perspective.

Many master artists from other cultures, as well as from a historical standpoint, are presented and discussed. Since there is a five-minute demo every class period, rather than a repetition of instructions for a project, there is much more time to introduce a wide-variety of artists, history, and cultures.

Standard 3: Visual Art Expression - The student will observe, select, and utilize a variety of ideas and subject matter in creating original works of visual art.

How can a student select subject matter in a traditional classroom where projects are selected by the teacher? How can a lesson taught by a teacher be considered original works of art? In a choice-based classroom, the art room is a studio, and the student is treated as an authentic artist who makes their own selections of subject matter and materials

Standard 4: Visual Art Appreciation - The student will appreciate visual art as a vehicle of human expression.

Many prints are displayed in the classroom, as well as the work of current and previous students. Many of discussion questions asked are about these works of art, displaying the students' appreciation for and interest in these works.

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